Parking Lot Safety

As a business owner, you take pride in providing goods and services to your customers with a focus on generating profits. But, what if your storefront or business is not safe for customers? Profits could easily diminish if a customer experiences an accident while on your property. That’s why its important to take precautions and prevent injuries as much as possible.

The parking lot experts at AAA Parking Lot Care visit business locations daily and can’t help but notice areas where potential accidents could occur. As a courtesy to our customers, we offer free safety inspections and recommend solutions to help business owners prevent customers and employees from injuries and accidents in warehouses, parking garages and parking lots.

What types of accidents can happen in a parking lot, garage or warehouse that AAA Parking Lot Care can help prevent?

Aside from the obvious fender bender, we notice when parking lots can present problems for pedestrians. Many of the standard issues we encounter involve areas where trip hazards are present. When your parking lot contains uneven pavement surfaces, man holes, cracked or worn pavement, pedestrians can easily trip and fall.

Other frequently encountered issues include areas where pedestrians cross the parking lot to enter or exit your building. When traffic through your lot is not warned of pedestrian crossing zones, an unfortunate accident could occur. That’s why its important to clearly mark areas where foot traffic is present.

Often some of the most obvious ways accidents could be avoided are neglected by business owners. For example, visitors to your lot may dispose of their trash and leave items behind that could present potential issues for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Parking lot trip hazards

How do we recommend to prevent accidents on your property?

While we can’t guarantee our recommendations will prevent accidents from occurring, we can offer practical and affordable solutions to warn pedestrians and drivers who navigate through your property.

  1. First and foremost, reach out to us at AAA Parking Lot Care and request a FREE safety inspection. We’ll take a walk through your property and recommend personalized solutions for your specific parking lot or parking garage. We notice traffic patterns where potential accidents could occur. We look for trip hazards and provide a reasonable estimate on the types of signage and painted lines we can implement to adequately prevent accidents.
  2. Often the most dangerous items are right under your nose. Make it a point to take a walk through your property on a regular basis and dispose of trash and debris that is present.
  3. Next, find areas where puddles form. When rain or weather run off is present, pedestrians are often at risk for slipping and falling. Determine ways to drain rainwater effectively away from sidewalks, crosswalks or areas where people frequently walk.

What can we help you with?

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