If you are a business owner or property manager, you no doubt have a huge list of priorities in successfully managing the safety of your property.

If one of your responsibilities is to ensure the safety and appearance of your parking lot, you’ll want to download this handy reference for ensuring your lot maintains safety standards.

What types of recommendations are included in the safety inspection checklist?

The handy parking lot safety inspection checklist includes ways to keep pedestrians, customers, employees, traffic and your property safe.

Keep your parking lot safe with these tips:

  • Pick up trash and limbs, especially after storms
  • Look for broken concrete from light poles, broken parking bollards, potholes and damaged curbs
  • Clearly indicate trip hazards with cones and hazard signs
  • Look for pooling water after rainstorms and ensure proper drainage
  • Evaluate your parking lot during the busiest times to determine flow of traffic, safety of pedestrians and possible installations of crosswalks
  • Look for faded parking lot striping paint and sealcoat your parking lot every 2-3 years

Keeping your parking lot clean and regularly maintained not only improves its appearance, but also ensures you are doing everything you can as a business owner to prevent accidents.

Download this safety checklist and perform a monthly safety inspection of your property and parking lot to help prevent accidents and ensure customer safety.

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