Sealcoating is an essential step in maintaining your parking lot. Affordable, durable and quickly-applied, sealcoating protects off-highway pavement surfaces from gasoline, oil, salt, water, and ultraviolet rays.

Seal coating provides a whole host of benefits for your parking lot and is an excellent choice for business owners. Here we’ve detailed some of the most important benefits:

Improves the look of your property

Put the best impression in your customers’ minds with regular seal coating applications. The ultra-black finish instantly makes your parking lot look brand new and sets off nicely when striped by our striping professionals.

Slows oxidation and water penetration

Sealcoating fills surface voids, which reduces exposure to oxygen and UV rays and reduces the depth to which oil or gas can penetrate the pavement. It also acts as a waterproofing agent, minimizing the rate at which water enters pavement. Without it, water can permeate more freely resulting in freeze/thaw expansion and contraction of the pavement which in turn will create breakage. Long-term maintenance and care of your pavement surface requires regular application of seal coating to prevent this from happening.

Resistance to oil and gas spills

Gasoline dripping from a topped-off fuel tank during hot weather can soften and break down unsealed asphalt pavements. Coal tars used in sealcoat are impervious to gas and oil spills.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Sealcoats fill surface voids while coating the pavement surface. The resulting smooth and even texture makes the surface easier to maintain year-round. For example, sweeping is far more effective on a smooth surface.

Increases pavement flexibility

Sealcoat brings a dark black color to the pavement. The blacker it is, the more heat a pavement draws from the sun. And, the hotter it gets, the more pliable it becomes, which helps it to withstand traffic without cracking.

Protects asphalt from pressure washing

Restaurant parking lots often extend to areas near dumpsters, where food-processing machines are pressure washed. Food waste near the dumpsters may also need to be washed away if it can’t be swept away. Sealcoating protects asphalt cement from the high-volume water pressure and detergents used in pressure washing.

Cost-effective and affordable

The price of asphalt will always be affected by crude oil prices, which fluctuate when supplies vary. Sealcoating preserves asphalt for pennies per square foot.

As you can see, seal coating is a popular choice for businesses because of its many benefits. Reach out to the experts at AAA Parking Lot Care to improve the look and condition of your parking lot today.

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