The experts at AAA Parking Lot Care are asked this question daily. Once your newly painted parking lot is complete, there are several factors that play into the length of time before you will need to have your lot re-striped.

Time of year striping was applied. The best time to have your lot striped is during the warmer summer months. The solvent-based paints we use adhere to pavement surfaces better in warmer temperatures.

Pavement/surface condition. Parking lots require maintenance and properly maintained lots will provide a better surface for the paint to adhere to. AAA Parking Lot Care provides seal coating services. Professionally-applied seal coated surfaces provide the best conditions for applying painted lines.

Type of traffic in your lot. If your painted lines are directing large machinery through your lot, then your lines may not last as long. However, if you are directing foot traffic, you may get 2 years out of our lines.

Other factors include weather, amount of paint applied to the surface and the types of techniques used to apply the paint. We use solvent-based paint specifically designed to handle high traffic volume through your lot. At best case scenario, your painted lines could last up to 2 years. We highly recommend, however, that business owners perform regular safety and parking lot maintenance checks every 3 months.

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